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CEO & Owner

Jacobe Bounds, father, friend and husband started Backwoods Transportation & Logistics, Inc in January 2021 in honor of his time on the roads in the backwoods while training.  

"Driving through the backwoods and winding roads made me love and appreciate life so much more than where I grew up," said Jacobe.  

Born in Flint, MI but raised in Detroit, MI Jacobe wanted more from life than working in a pickle factory.

"All my friends had jobs so why not have one too. That's really all there is to do in Detroit."

Until one day, Jacobe woke up and decided to do life differently.

"I saw my kids and made a promise to myself that they'll never go through what I went through in life.  So I decided to create and open Backwoods."

Jacobe has been all over the United States hauling equipment, supplies, cars and tanks.

"Because we move so fast in life sometimes, we miss so much.  Why not take the roads in the backwoods to slow down and take it all in?" - Jacobe C. Bounds, Sr.



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